Non Profit Organization “I’m Ehime”


Greeting from the President

Ehime has a lot of notable and historic sites such as Matsuyama Castle and Dogo Hot Spring, which have nurtured a lot of great people.

Those places and people gave us great works as a foundation of the Modern literature such as Haiku and Noh.

“I’m Ehime” is considering to make use of those resources of nature, history and culture in order to promote the local.

We would like to cope with the activation of our local through the development of projects related to the city creation, cooperating with government administration, businesses and volunteers.


Main policy of activities

We hope to create Ehime making use of the resources of our city.


Creation of the city through the global tourism


Release of the local information based on history, nature and culture


Development of the local resources application


Hironori Mizuno


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NPO “I’m Ehime”

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